This year, Easter Sunday was different. We were all in our homes observing Resurrection Sunday online. In the Church calendar, Easter begins a new season: Eastertide. This season is 50 days long. On the 40th day is Ascension and the 50th day is Pentecost.

To celebrate Eastertide, MSM, through a series of online worship services will continue to narrate the story of Easter. Through these stories, we will remember God’s love and promise of hope. Let us recall the Resurrection story, the story that shapes our lives as believers in Christ. Even as we strive to keep safe and calm in our own homes, we stand in solidarity with all believers here and around the world, praying for peace, justice, unity and wellbeing of all people.

This Easter Series will be uploaded on MSM’s YouTube channel on Mondays until Pentecost. These short worship services are meant for family or personal devotion. They can be held anytime during the week. The written forms of the liturgies can also be downloaded below:

Let us enter the Easter story and reflect on how we can participate in advancing the kingdom of God.