The Children’s Music Piano Class is an introduction to music, rhythm, improvisation, singing and basic keyboard skills through games, songs, dances and other fun-filled activities.

Music-making becomes an enjoyable and stimulating experience!

What will they learn?

  • Basic piano technique
  • Solfege singing
  • Creative movement
  • How to read music notes

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There are 11 group lessons per term, according to the School Year Calendar.

The length of each lesson typically ranges from 45-60 minutes per week, depending on number of children:

45 mins per session for 2 children
60 mins per session for 3 – 6 children

The Children’s Music Class is a preparatory course for the Individual Piano lessons. The teacher will monitor the children’s progress and advise when they are ready to start individual lessons. The parents will have a choice to continue with the group (up to one year) or to go for individual lessons.