Past Events: Worship Symposium 2017

Past Events: Worship Symposium 2017

The Worship Symposium is a 3-day conference for pastors, worship leaders, worship planners, liturgists, prayer leaders, musicians, choral conductors, song leaders, choristers and all who are interested in the study of worship.

“LIFE AS WORSHIP” – How does our Sunday worship relate to our daily lives? How does worship form us so that we make a meaningful connection? Worship Symposium 2017 aims to provide formative training and mentorship in worship and theology, and music in worship, to explore the vital link.

Why should we attend?
• To Polish our skills: attend a practical workshop each morning.
• To “Taste and See” various styles of music, to broaden the musical diet of our congregations, and expand our awareness of different forms of worship.
• To Understand how worship shapes us to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.
• To Experience the glory of God through worship in various forms.
• To Renew your understanding of worship.

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Registration fee: [before 21 May ] $200 (Individual), $180 (Group of 5 & above per pax); [after 21 May] $220 (All)