Shepherding Souls in Worship: Webinar Series

Shepherding Souls in Worship: Webinar Series

Join our Shepherding Souls in Worship webinar series as we discover what the worship traditions of the past were really about, and how they can be applied to invigorate contemporary worship today! Highly recommended for pastors and worship leaders who seek to plan services that feel genuinely relevant and attuned to their congregation’s culture.

Title: Flow – Finding an Ancient Way to do Contemporary Worship

Date & Time: 7 August 2020, Fri, 8pm-10pm (SG time)

Venue: Online via Zoom

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This webinar will feature Rev Dr Lester Ruth, Zachary Barnes, Rev Andrew Eastes, Jonathan Ottaway, Adam Perez, Glenn Stallsmith, and Deborah Ann Wong. More information about them is available on our online registration form (link provided above).