Learning about chords, strumming, plucking, note reading and ear training are essentials in guitar playing. Your instructor will tailor the lessons to your musical interests while covering the basics of guitar technique. Students must bring their own guitar.



Learning basic techniques on playing the ukulele.Participants will learn:

  • Types of Ukulele – Tuning
  • Chords: Chord progression and Song-form examples
  • Praise and worship songs
  • Creative use of Ukulele in worship setting

Students must bring their own ukulele.


There are 11 individual lessons per term, according to the School Year Calendar.

The length of each lesson typically ranges from 30-60 minutes per week, depending on level:

Group of two 45 mins per session
Group of three – four 60 mins per session
Beginner 4-6 years old 30 mins per session
Level 1 45 mins per session
Level 2 45 mins per session
Level 3 60 mins per session

Performance Labs, annual school concerts and masterclasses offer added opportunities for performance and coaching.